Section O : Other community, Social and Personal service activities
Division 91 : Activities of membership organisations n.e.c.
Group Class Sub - Class Description
911     Activities of business, employers and professional organisations
  9111 91110 Activities of business and employers organisations [Includes activities of industry associations, chambers of commerce and similar federations
  9112 91120 Activities of professional organisations [This class includes the activities of associations of writers, painters, lawyers, doctors, journalists and other similar organisations]
912 9120 91200 Activities of trade unions [Includes activities of associations whose members are mainly employees, including government employees, interested chiefly in the representation of their views concerning their work situation.]
919     Activities of other membership organisations
  9191 91910 Activities of religious organisations [Includes the activities of religious organisations or individuals who provide services directly to worshippers]
  9192 91920 Activities of political organisations
  9199 91990 Activities of other membership organizations n.e.c. [Includes rotary clubs, student associations, war veterans’ associations, book clubs, philatelic clubs, associations of minority groups, and the activities of other similar associations / organisations not elsewhere classified
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