Section M : Education
Division 80 : Education
Group Class Sub - Class Description
801 8010   Primary education
    80101 Primary education, including pre-primary & upper-primary education
    80102 Literacy programmes for children who have no opportunity to attend school
    80103 General public service activities of the State Governments
802     Secondary/Senior Secondary education
  8021   General Secondary/Senior Secondary education [ including special school-type education for handicapped students
    80211 General Secondary/Senior Secondary education, generally designed to qualify students either for vocational and technical education or for university entrance without any special subject pre-requisite
    80212 General Secondary/Senior Secondary school-type education for handicapped students
    80213 Adult education, Secondary/Senior Secondary level
  8022   Technical and vocational Secondary/Senior Secondary education[includes all type of technical and vocational education. The programmes emphasis a subject matter specialisation and instruction of both theoretical background and practical skills. Similar sporting activities are including under class 9241.
    80221 Technical and vocational Secondary/Senior Secondary education below the level of university
    80222 Technical and vocational school type education for handicapped students
    80223 Adult education, Secondary/Senior Secondary level, technical and vocational
803 8030   Higher education [Includes post-secondary/senior secondary sub-degree level education that leads to university degree or equivalent.]
    80301 General higher education in science, commerce and humanity
    80302 Higher education in engineering / other technical courses
    80303 Higher education in medical/bio-technology and related courses.
    80304 Higher education in professional/ vocational courses like hotel management, fashion design, secretarial procedures, teacher’s training, law etc.
    80305 Higher education in management courses
    80306 Higher education in information technology courses
    80309 Higher education n.e.c. viz. oriental studies etc.
809 8090   Other education
    80901 Education by correspondence, through radio and television broadcasting and other distance learning media
    80902 Coaching centres
    80903 Activities of the individuals providing tuition
    80904 Activities relating to training/ education/ conduct of specialised course in computer knowledge
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