Section H : Hotels and Restaurants
Division 55 : Hotels and Restaurants
Group Class Sub - Class Description
551 5510   Hotels; camping sites and other provision of short-stay accommodation [Restaurant facilities operated in connection with the provision of lodging remain classified in this group. Also included are the operation of sleeping cars when carried on by separate units]
    55101 Hotels and motels
    55102 Inns, Dharmshalas and other places providing short term lodging/ camping facilities open to general public, including those run by religious and charitable organisations (includes provision of short term accommodation in houseboats)
    55103 Provision of short term lodging/camping facility to members of a particular organisation (includes government guest/rest/circuit houses, company guest houses and similar establishments)
    55104 Operation of dormitories and/or residence halls/hostels at educational institutions for short-stay
    55109 Provision of short-stay accommodation n.e.c.
552 5520   Restaurants, bars and canteens [ Sales through vending machines is classified in Sub-class 52599]
    55201 Restaurants with bars
    55202 Restaurants without bars
    55203 Canteens
    55204 Activities of caterers
    55205 Operation of dining cars in the railways and other transport facilities when carried on by separate units
    55206 Meals on adhoc fixed site
523   55207 Meals without premises (Meals on wheels)
    55208 Cooking services
    55209 Restaurants, bars and canteens n.e.c.
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