Section G : Wholesale and retail trade; Repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles and personal and household goods
Division 51 : Wholesale trade and commission trade, Except of motor Vehicles and Motorcycles
Group Class Sub - Class Description
511 5110   Wholesale on a fee or contract basis. [Includes commission agents, commodity brokers and auctioneers and all other wholesalers who trade on behalf and on the account of others. Activities of self employed auctioneers are included in 74991.
    51101 Commission agents dealing in agricultural raw material, live animals, food, beverages, intoxicants and textiles.
    51102 Commission agents dealing in wood, paper, skin, leather and fur, fuel, petroleum products, chemicals, perfumery and cosmetics, glass, minerals, ores and metals.
    51103 Commission agents dealing in machinery & equipment, other than transport machinery
    51109 Commission agents n.e.c. ( Commission agents working in emerging area like e-commerce are classified under 7290
512     Wholesale of agricultural raw material, live animals, food beverages and tobacco
504 5121   Wholesale of agricultural raw materials and live animals
    51211 Wholesale of cereals & pulses
    51212 Wholesale of un-manufactured tobacco, paan (betel leaf), opium, ganja & cinchona etc.
    51213 Wholesale of live animals and poultry
    51214 Wholesale of straw, fodder & other animal/poultry feed
    51215 Wholesale of flowers and plants
    51216 Wholesale of hides, skins and leather
    51217 Wholesale of oilseed
    51218 Wholesale of sugarcane
    51219 Wholesale of agricultural raw materials, n.e.c
  5122   Wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco [includes wholesale of fruits and vegetables, dairy products, eggs & edible oils & fats, meat, fishery products, sugar, confectionery & bakery products, beverages, coffee, tea, cocoa and spices, manufactured tobacco & tobacco products etc.
    51221 Wholesale of fruits & vegetables
    51222 Wholesale of raw milk & dairy products
    51223 Wholesale of meat, fish & eggs
    51224 Wholesale of confectionery, bakery products and beverages other than intoxicants
    51225 Wholesale of edible oils, fats, sugar and processed/manufactured spices etc
    51226 Wholesale of tea, coffee & cocoa
    51227 Wholesale of manufactured tobacco & tobacco products
    51228 Wholesale of intoxicants like wines and liquors.
    51229 Wholesale of other basic/manufactured food stuffs n.e.c.
513     Wholesale of household goods
  5131   Wholesale of textiles, clothing and footwear
    51311 Wholesale of textiles, household linen, articles of clothing, floor coverings and tapes try
    51312 Wholesale of footwear
  5139   Wholesale of other household goods
    51391 Wholesale of toiletry, perfumery and cosmetics
    51392 Wholesale of metal, porcelain and glass utensils; crockery and chinaware and household products made from rubber and plastic
    51393 Wholesale of furniture and fixtures
    51394 Wholesale of watches/clocks and optical goods
    51395 Wholesale of radio, television and other consumer electronics
    51396 Wholesale of paper and other stationery items; books, magazines and newspapers
    51397 Wholesale of pharmaceutical and medical goods
    51398 Wholesale of precious metals, stones and jewellery
    51399 Wholesale of other households goods, n.e.c. [Includes wholesale of household equipment and appliances, n.e.c; photographic equipment, games, toys and sports goods (also includes bicycles, cycle rickshaw, tonga & other non-mechanised vehicles); leather goods and travel accessories; cleaning materials etc.]
514     Wholesale of non-agricultural intermediate products, waste and scrap
  5141 51410 Wholesale of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and related products
  5142 51420 Wholesale of metals and metal ores
  5143   Wholesale of construction materials, hardware, plumbing and heating equipment and supplies
    51431 Wholesale of wood in the rough and products of primary processing of wood
    51432 Wholesale of building materials
    51433 Wholesale of hardware and sanitary fittings and fixtures and flat glass
    51434 Wholesale of paints, varnishes, and lacquers
  5149   Wholesale of other intermediate products, waste and scrap [includes basic industrial chemicals, fertilizer and plastic materials in primary forms, textile fibres, waste and scrap and materials for re-cycling etc.]
    51491 Wholesale of cotton & Jute fibres including procurement agencies
    51492 Wholesale of raw wool
    51493 Wholesale of raw silk.
    51494 Wholesale of other textile fibres n.e.c
    51495 Wholesale of plastic materials in primary forms
    51496 Wholesale of industrial chemicals
    51497 Wholesale of fertilisers and pesticides
    51498 Wholesale of waste and scrap & materials for re-cycling (Includes the activities like collecting, sorting, stripping of used goods, packing and repacking, storage and delivery, but without a real transformation.)
515     Wholesale of machinery, equipment and supplies
  5151   Wholesale of computers, computer peripheral equipment and software
    51511 Wholesale of computer and computer peripheral equipment
    51512 Wholesale of photocopy and thermocopy machine
    51513 Wholesale of software
  5152   Wholesale of electronic parts and equipments
    51521 Wholesale of electronic valves and tubes
    51522 Wholesale of semi-conductor device
    51523 Wholesale of microchips and integrated circuits
    51524 Wholesale of printed circuits
    51525 Wholesale of blank audio and video tapes and diskettes
    51526 Wholesale of telephone and communications equipments
  5159   Wholesale of other machinery, equipment and supplies
    51591 Wholesale of agricultural machinery and equipment
    51592 Wholesale of transport equipment except motor vehicles and motor cycles
    51593 Wholesale of construction and civil engineering machinery and equipment
    51594 Wholesale of machinery and equipment for the textile, wood and metal industries etc.
    51595 Wholesale of electrical machinery, equipment and supplies, n.e.c
    51596 Wholesale of office machinery and equipment other than computers, computer peripheral equipment and software
    51597 Wholesale of scientific, medical and surgical machinery and equipment
    51599 Wholesale of other machinery, equipment and supplies n.e.c
519 5190   Other wholesale [Includes specialized wholesale not covered in any one of the previous categories and wholesale in a variety of goods without any particular specialization.]
    51901 Wholesale of lottery tickets
    51902 Wholesale trade via e-commerce
    51909 Other wholesale n.e.c.
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