Section D : Manufacturing
Division 15 : Manufacture of food products and Beverages
Group Class Sub - Class Description
151     Production, processing and preservation of meat, fish, fruit vegetables, oils and fats.
  1511   Production, processing and preserving of meat and meat products.
    15111 Mutton-slaughtering, preparation
    15112 Beef-slaughtering, preparation
    15113 Pork-slaughtering, preparation
    15114 Poultry and other slaughtering, preparation
    15115 Preservation of meat except by canning
    15116 Processing and canning of meat
    15117 Rendering and refining of lard and other edible animal fats
    15118 Production of flours and meals of meat and meat offals
    15119 Production, processing and preserving of other meat, meat products, n.e.c.
  1512   Processing and preserving of fish and fish products [fishing and processing of the catch aboard the fisher boats are classified in class 0500 whereas activities of vessels engaged only processing and preserving are classified under this class
    15121 Sun-drying of fish
    15122 Artificial dehydration of fish and sea food
    15123 Radiation preservation of fish and similar food
    15124 Processing and canning of fish
    15125 Manufacturing of fish meal
    15126 Processing and canning of frog leg
    15127 Processing and preserving of fish crustacean and similar foods
    15129 Processing & preserving of other fish and fish products, n.e.c.
  1513   Processing and preserving of fruit, vegetables and edible nuts
    15131 Sun-drying of fruit and vegetables
    15132 Artificial dehydration of fruit and vegetables
    15133 Radiation preservation of fruit and vegetables
    15134 Manufacturing of fruit/vegetable juices and their concentrates, squashes and powder
    15135 Manufacture of sauces, jams, jellies and marmalades
    15136 Manufacture of pickles, chutneys, murabbas etc
    15137 Canning of fruit and vegetables
    15138 Manufacture of potato flour & meals and prepared meals of vegetables
    15139 Fruit and vegetables preservation n.e.c. (including preservation by freezing and roasting of nuts.)
  1514   Manufacture of vegetable and animal oils and fats [Wet corn milling and production of corn oil is classified in Class 1532 and treatment of oils and fats by chemical processing is classified in Class 2429]
    15141 Manufacture of hydrogenated oils and vanaspati ghee etc
    15142 Manufacture of vegetable oils and fats (excluding corn oil)
    15143 Manufacture of vegetable oils and fats through solvent extraction process
    15144 Manufacture of animal oils and fats (Rendering and refining of lard and other animal fats are classified in Class 1511]
    15145 Manufacture of fish oil
    15146 Manufacture of cakes & meals incl. residual products, e.g. Oleostearin, Palmstearin
    15147 Manufacture of non-defatted flour or meals of oilseeds, oilnuts or kernels
    15149 Manufacture of other vegetables and animal oil & fats, n.e.c.
152 1520   Manufacture of dairy product [production of raw milk is classified in class 0121]
    15201 Manufacture of milk powder, ice-cream powder and condensed milk except baby milk foods
    15202 Manufacture of baby milk foods
    15203 Manufacture of butter, cream, ghee, cheese and khoya etc
    15204 Manufacture of pasteurised milk whether or not in bottles/ polythene packs etc. (plain or flavoured
    15205 Manufacture of ice-cream and kulfi etc.
    15209 Manufacture of other dairy products, n.e.c
153     Manufacture of grain mill products, starches and starch products, and prepared animal feeds
  1531   Manufacture of grain mill products [Manufacture of potato flour and meal is classified in class 1513. Production of corn oil is classified in Class 1532 ]
    15311 Flour milling
    15312 Rice milling
    15313 Dal milling
    15314 Processing and grinding of grain other than floor, rice & dal
    15315 Vegetable milling, flour or meal of dried leguminous vegetables of roots or tubers or of edible nuts
    15316 Manufacture of breakfast foods obtained by roasting or swelling cereal grains
    15317 Manufacture of prepared, blended flour, wet flour for food preparation and dough for bread, cake, etc.
    15318 Manufacture of other readymade mixed powders like idli, gulabjamun etc.
    15319 Other grain milling and processing activities like manufacturing of poha/ muri etc, n.e.c.
  1532   Manufacture of starches and starch products
    15321 Manufacture of starch
    15322 Manufacture of sago and sago products
    15323 Manufacture of glucose & glucose syrup, maltos
    51324 Manufacture of gluten
    15325 Manufacture of tapioca substitutes prepared from starch
    15326 Manufacture of corn oil
    15329 Manufacture of other starch products n.e.c
  1533   Manufacture of prepared animal feeds
    15331 Manufacture of cattle feed
    15332 Manufacture of poultry feed
    15339 Manufacture of other animal and bird feed n.e.c
154     Manufacture of other food products
  1541   Manufacture of bakery products
    15411 Bread making
    15412 Manufacture of biscuits, cakes and pastries
    15419 Manufacture of other bakery products n.e.c
  1542   Manufacture of sugar [manufacture of glucose and other sugars made from starches is classified in class 1532]
    15421 Manufacture and refining of sugar (vacuum pan sugar factories)
    15422 Manufacture of `gur’from sugar cane
    15423 Manufacture of `gur’ from other than sugar cane
    15424 Manufacture of `khandsari’ sugar from sugar can
    15425 Manufacture of `khandsari’ sugar other than from sugar cane
    15426 Manufacture of `boora’ and candy from sugar cane
    15427 Manufacture of `boora’and candy other than from sugar cane
    15428 Manufacture of molasses
    15429 Manufacture of other indigenous sugar cane/sugar beet/palm juice products n.e.c
  1543   Manufacture of cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery
    15431 Manufacture of cocoa products
    15432 Manufacture of sugar confectionery (except sweetmeats)
    15433 Manufacture of sweetmeats
    15434 Manufacture of chewing gum
    15435 Preserving in sugar of fruits, nuts, fruit peals and other parts of plants
    15439 Other activities relating to manufacture of cocoa, chocolate and sugar confectionery n.e.c
  1544 15440 Manufacture of macaroni, noodles, couscous and similar farinaceous products
  1549   Manufacture of other food products n.e.c
    15491 Processing and blending of tea including manufacture of instant tea (activities of tea factories associated with tea plantations are classified in class 0113)
    15492 Coffee curing, roasting, grinding and blending etc. including manufacture of instant coffee, chicory and other coffee substitutes, essence of concentrates of coffee
    15493 Processing of edible nuts
    15494 Manufacture of malted foods including food for infants and invalids
    15495 Grinding and processing of spices
    15496 Manufacture of papads appalam and similar food products
    15497 Manufacture of vitaminised high protein flour, frying of dals & other cereals
    15499 Other semi-processed, processed or instant foods n.e.c. except farinaceous products and malted foods and manufacturing activities like manufacture of egg powder, sambar powder etc. (this excludes the activities covered under 15319)
155     Manufacture of beverages
  1551   Distilling, rectifying and blending of spirits; ethyl alcohol production from fermented materials
    15511 Manufacture of country liquor
    15519 Distilling, rectifying and blending of spirits; ethyl alcohol production from fermented materials n.e.c. (other than soft drinks, mineral water & wine)
  1552 15520 Manufacture of wines
  1553   Manufacture of malt liquors and malt
    15531 Manufacture of beer
    15532 Manufacture of malt liquors other than beer
    15533 Manufacture of malt
    15539 Manufacture of malt liquors and malt n.e.c.
  1554   Manufacture of soft drinks; production of mineral waters
    15541 Manufacture of aerated drinks
    15542 Manufacture of synthetic flavored concentrates and syrup
    15543 Manufacture of mineral water
    15544 Manufacture of Ice
    15545 Manufacture of soft drinks
    15549 Manufacture of other non-alcoholic beverages n.e.c.
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