Financial Services

Volatility in the financial markets has resulted in financial institutions struggling to maintain their growth and profitability. Alongside, the global economic slowdown has taken a toll on the Indian economy, pressurising margins as well as the very sustainability of financial service companies. These dynamics call for the need to establish robust business models and ensure quality management.

The sector is now at a point of transformation experiencing multiple regulatory and reporting changes. One of the biggest challenges is the move to Basel III, which includes strengthening bank capital requirements and adopting new regulatory requirements on liquidity and leverage. Basel III, together with the broader regulatory change agenda, is set to redraw the banking landscape. It will have a profound impact on profitability and force banks to transform their business models.

Another key transformation in the financial services industry is the transition to IFRS. The landscape of financial reporting will be transformed with the adoption of IFRS, ultimately leading to an impact on business decisions.

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